Tax Consulting Office

Preparation of strategy under a tax control procedure
Effectiveness of activities undertaken by our specialists depends on cooperation established at the earliest possible stage of proceedings or control. Complex services regarding procedures undertaken by tax offices and tax chambers include:

  • Establishing the status quo of the case based on evidence gathered so far by the relevant authority,
  • Audit of the flow of control / procedure as regards relevance of procedures applied by the authority,
  • Analysis of evidence based on the applicable tax law regulations,
  • Presentation of optimization possibilities regarding further activities in the above-mentioned scope.
  • Having been granted a relevant PoA to one of our specialists/experts, we immediately undertake necessary process activities in order to secure the interests of our clients. Whenever there is a need to supplement evidence in the case, we file a motion for evidence and our attorney actively participates in any activities run by the authority and they make sure that the procedures are run in a proper manner (hearings, visual inspections, etc.).

Representation before tax authorities and administrative courts
Tax procedure is a complex process that involves knowledge of procedures, deadlines, rights and obligations of the controlled entrepreneur. Any mistake in the course of procedure may cost a lot both literally and in terms of legal consequences.
In order to save our customers a significant dose of stress, we offer full representation before relevant tax authorities in any type of cases, including the cases of VAT refund for companies operating internationally. The Polish fiscal system is complex and anachronous. Proper guidance of a company through the tax procedure involves expert knowledge and broad experience. Our specialists have a many-years’ experience working in the tax sector and due to their expertise they guide our customers through complex tax procedures.
It occurs from our experience that many tax procedures have formal defects. In order to spot them it is necessary to have perfect knowledge of tax and administrative law. Our specialists take care of the proper management of the activities run and effectively represent our Clients before tax authorities including the Supreme Administrative Court.

Drawing up pleadings
Tax procedures at any stage require filing different pleadings, motions and explanations. The way they are drawn up, knowledge of the procedure and deadlines may determine the result of the procedure.
We prepare pleadings for our Clients at any stage of the procedure.

Representation in fiscal penal cases
Many a time a fiscal procedure as well as negligence or mistakes made in the course of control end with making charges against the entrepreneur. This means that the case is moved from the tax authority to the court room.
We represent our Clients before courts in fiscal penal cases at any stage of the case.

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