Legal And Fiscal Advisory Services

Pre-control audit
Due to the complexities and great number of legal and tax regulations, it is easy; even unwillingly, to make mistakes and face consequences resulting from routine controls by the tax authorities. According to an old Latin saying ignorantia legis non excusat, i.e. the ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Consequently we suggest conducting due diligence audits.
Our tax experts have meaningful experience of working for many years at various tax offices. They carry out all the preparations and will help you to understand the procedures, deadlines, rights and responsibilities that according to the law an entrepreneur has during such controls.
The actions included in the audit cover analysis of company information, applied procedures, contracting parties, threats and methods of minimizing risk resulting from business operations.

Legal and fiscal service
We provide a continuous support regarding proper business documentation, its adherence to the rules of the law as well as consulting on effective solutions that guarantee effective and efficient business operations. Our services include:

  • audit of your tax books and analysis of risk areas;
  • tax optimization;
  • applications for individual interpretations of the tax regulations;
  • ongoing tax supervision;
  • assistance and legal advice on VAT, CIT and PIT;

Preparation of due diligence procedures while selecting commercial partners and conducting business activities.
The “carousel fraud” is the most popular method of VAT fraud among some dishonest businessmen. Entrepreneurs active in domestic or international trade may unknowingly become a link in these shady dealings and risk serious financial and legal consequences. This can be avoided by preparing right procedures of the due diligence for selecting commercial partners and proper running of a business.
Our experts prepare and implement due diligence strategy, taking into consideration the line of business, its structure and individual requirements of your company operations. Such approach minimizes the risk of being involved in the “carousel fraud” and facilitates controls carried out by the tax authorities.
Our support guaranties you have current and future contracting parties verified, their profile created and assessed, threats to your future transactions analysed, and processes thoroughly x-rayed. All your activities and documents will be safe and secure with us.

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