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Services for companies
Running a business is inseparably intertwined with operating within the complexities of the Polish legal system. Many entrepreneurs have to face a sad necessity of knowing all the legal regulations, procedures and terminology. Lack of knowledge and experience may, despite their best intentions, lead to unpleasant consequences resulting from unintentional mistakes.

We offer permanent services for companies in the field of the commercial, administrative and tax law. Our team of experts can efficiently support your current business with great attention to detail and due diligence.

We also offer assistance in immediate cases when some urgent assistance of the experienced team of attorneys is necessary. We carry out commercial cases, including those related to unfair business practices as well as:

  • commercial law
  • administrative law
  • labour law and social insurance law

Services for individual persons
Everyday situations when some assistance of an attorney is required may be stressful. The experienced team of attorneys from our office can help you deal with these most difficult times and solve the problems effectively.

We provide services in the field of:

  • criminal law
  • family law
  • civil law
  • insurance law
  • labour law

Property restitution in the Eastern Borderlands
The estates in the territory of Ukraine, which under the law are still belonging to Poles are worth up to 5 billion US dollars. Approximately 150 thousand Polish citizens may claim compensation for property lost in the current territory of Ukraine.

Carrying out the restitution process is an obligation of every country that wishes to become a member of the European Union or sign an association agreement with the EU. In its attempt to make closer ties to the Western Europe, Ukraine has to adapt its legal regulations to regulations of the EU. That includes restitution of the property lost after World War II. Therefore, the compensation claim for lost property may be put forward by every person who has not received any compensation so far. According to the European law, they still remain rightful owners of estates that were left behind in the current territory of the Western Ukraine. There are at least 150 thousand of such people in Poland.

However, getting a compensation for estates left behind by ancestors means a long lawsuit against the Ukrainian government. Our Office, in close cooperation with Detektyw24 agency, will carry out all the necessary activities and prepare full evidence required in the process.

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